Our Fees

Our fees are personalised and not based on some standard “one size fits all” scale. They are agreed upfront and are based on the nature, scope and complexity of the advice – not the products recommended or the size of your investments.

Initial Advice

After we have an understanding of your situation, we will provide you with a fixed fee quote for our initial advice.

Ongoing Service

If you would like to benefit from ongoing assistance, you may wish to opt for our Private Client Service, which is based on a flat annual fee.

Why our approach is different

Most financial planning firms calculate their fees on the amount of funds you invest (commonly known as asset based fees).We believe that this fee structure is fundamentally flawed for the following reasons:

  • The fees have no direct relationship to the type or level of service you receive
  • The fees are affected by external factors. For example, when you make a contribution into super or when there is a general increase in investment markets, your fees increase too
  • Clients with larger funds and/or simple arrangements often subsidise clients with smaller funds and/or complex arrangements
  • It may lead to the adviser having conflicting interests. For example, their fees will may be higher if they recommend surplus funds are used for investment purposes, rather than to reduce your level of debt, which may or may not be the better strategy

At Super Focus, our approach to fees is different. We believe in flat fees that break the
direct link between fees paid for advice and the type or size of your investment. We are
therefore completely neutral and unbiased in the strategies and products we recommend.


Our fees are fair, transparent and simple to understand. You will benefit from:

  • Greater certainty and upfront knowledge of what you will be paying – your fees will not automatically change as your investment balance grows
  • Elimination of any real or perceived conflicts of interest – we are completely neutral between different assets or product types
  • A more equitable arrangement – the fees determined are in proportion to the level and type of service you require
  • Potential fee savings – a flat fee structure can lead to savings, when compared to fees that are based solely on the size of your investments. This is often the case if you have a larger account balance or less complex needs