Financial Knowledge Centre

A Wealth of Knowledge

Our Financial Knowledge Centre provides you with a comprehensive online resource to help you grow your knowledge about money and how to manage it.

The Centre provides instant access to over 800 pages of interesting, educational and fun material. It is written in easy to understand language and is full of quality content and tools.

Rather than relying on Google for your financial education, our content is reliable and you can rest assured it is always accurate.

You can access videos, calculators, articles, quizzes, and learning modules to learn about a whole range of different financial concepts and strategies.

Our Financial Knowledge Centre includes:


Articles: Enjoy hundreds of articles on a range of financial topics, with new content every month.
Videos: A great library of animated videos that explain complex financial aspects in a simple and entertaining way.
Learning Modules: Our 12 learning modules allow you to undertake more in depth research on key topics, including superannuation, SMSF’s, investments, tax structures and estate planning.
Life Events: Explore our resources in relation to major life events such as buying a house, getting a divorce , retirement and going into aged care.
Calculators: A range of over 20 different financial calculators, which can be used to better understand your situation.


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How to find out more


All Super Focus clients receive complimentary membership of the Financial Knowledge Centre. If you are a client you can login by clicking here.

If you are not a client and would like to explore our Financial Knowledge Centre, we have left some content open for you to view. You are welcome to come through and read a few articles or watch a few videos.

Alternatively, you can register here to obtain a free trial.