Our Core Beliefs

Superannuation is an extremely tax effective structure and should generally form the
foundation for your long-term savings strategy.

• There is no right “type” of superannuation fund for everyone. Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, industry funds, corporate funds and retail funds all have a role to play. The appropriate type of fund depends on your individual circumstances.

• Superannuation is complex and without advice, you run the risk of not maximising the opportunities available or making costly mistakes.

• As investors,we all tend to fall into psychological traps and allow emotional factors and personal biases to affect investment decisions. As a result, we believe every investor can benefit from a financial coach or mentor who is emotionally detached from the situation and can help you make rational decisions.

• We are agnostic between different investment approaches such as direct equities, managed funds, Listed Investment Companies and Exchange Traded Funds. Webelieve they all have a role to play in different situations and for different investors.

• Financial advice should be completely free of any conflicts in interest. We believe this can only be achieved if your adviser receives no remuneration from anyone other than you and has no ownership links with any product provider such as a bank, insurance company or fund manager.

• Advice fees should be transparent and equitable. They should be based on the nature and scope of the services provided and not purely on the amount of funds invested.