Our Role

We work as a coach, educator and mentor for our clients. In particular, we perform the following roles:


We use our extensive technical skills to provide you with strategies and solutions and help you to maximise available opportunities and to avoid potential traps.


We help you to create a “road map” to achieve your long tern financial objectives. We work with you to flesh out your goals and to formulate strategies to help you achieve them.


We empower you with knowledge and provide ongoing education.


We keep you focused, disciplined and on track. Evidence shows most investors let emotions drive their decisions and invariably buy high and sell low, based on fear and greed factors. We help you to manage such emotional responses and to make more rational decisions.


We act as a sounding board and provide a second opinion on issues. We listen to your concerns, explore the issues driving these feelings and provide practical long-term solutions.


We act as a guardian, by keeping up with changes in legislation, monitoring market trends and sifting through all the media “noise”. We do this so that we can identify and advise you on issues that may affect you.


We bring together a team of external professionals and service providers as required. Because we do not have any ownership links with product providers, we are free to partner with “best of breed” service providers. As a result, we are able to provide you with a range of additional benefits such as high quality external research; as well as access to wholesale investment products and pricing that may not be available to you, as an individual investor.